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Milwaukee Criminal Defense Motions and Briefs.



Welcome to your site on the web for Wisconsin criminal defense materials-- all yours to download for free.  All motions, briefs, and forms were authored by Milwaukee criminal defense attorney Jeffrey W. Jensen, and were used in actual criminal cases.   These materials are offered as examples, and for educational purposes only.  Attorney Jensen is licensed to practice only in Wisconsin, and, therefore, this web site does not purport to give legal advice to any person.  If you are facing criminal charges, you must contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer.


What you will find on this site:


Criminal appeals briefs:  This is a vast library of appellant's briefs filed in criminal appeals in Wisconsin.


Criminal motions:  This is a library of pretrial and postconviction motions filed in Wisconsin criminal cases.


Criminal forms: Here you may download many common forms that are used in Wisconsin criminal cases, such as plea questionnaires and discovery demands.


Custom order page:  If you cannot find what you are looking for, visit the custom order page.  If you describe the legal issue you are interested in, attorney Jensen will personally respond to your need.

IMPORTANT CASE UPDATE:  In the matter of State v. Adrian Jackson, on April 30, 2014 the Wisconsin Court of Appeals issued an opinion reversing Jackson's conviction.  In his brief before the court of appeals, attorney Jensen argued that the state should be required to disclose to the defense how the police knew that Jackson could be located in the apartment where he was arrested.  Jackson suspects that the police illegally used GPS tracking to locate him.  The court of appeals ordered the state to disclose this information.  The state is resisting.  The attorney general's office has filed a motion to reconsider.  We are awaiting the court's decision on that motion.  You may read attorney Jensen's brief, and you may also read the opinion of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.


NEW MOTION: Motion to bar retrial and to dismiss on the grounds that the defendant's motion for a mistrial was prompted by prosecutorial misconduct.



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